Self love.

A peace of mind is like tranquility moving through the soul . Do you ever just wonder what it would be like to take on the wind and listen to nature sing?
   Or what about gazing into the sunset and feeling divine love flow through your bloodline as you feed your soul with peace?
I had a conversation with the rain just the other day , as I looked out the window and watched the rain drops fall I found a piece of me every time a drop fell. 

     My heart and soul are covered with tears. Tears of love, joy , and pain . Even in the midst of the rain I find abundance.

Have you ever searched your soul to find the real you through the layers that cover you?

     To know me is to love me , but to love me you have to dissect every covering of me that connects to my soul . 

Strokes of emotions to the ego plaster our souls to define Characteristics of who you’ll become. 

When in search for true love finding a safe haven to be loved unconditionally often opens the heart to relinquish the doubts , the worry ,and the stress the mind brings about. 

   Opening the mind to love as a reward for life’s most precious moments erases tension from your thought process and allows your heart to love and flow freely. 

So take time daily to love life in its moments and love yourself unconditionally to become at peace with what you love about you so that you may open 

    you’re mind , body , and soul to the most precious feeling in the world God created , self love . 
By: Poetic_Heartbeat83




10 Dating Do’s and Don’ts


10 Dating Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve come to find that dating in this day and age is becoming harder and harder. So I have decided to help out with a few tips I think may be helpful when finding that special someone. Here are my 10 Do’s and Don’ts for dating.

1. Don’t – convince yourself that you only have one “type”
Do- open your horizon for a compatible mate. Keep an open mind that you can possibly fall in love with someone who doesn’t meet your requirements for your “type”.

2. Don’t – Don’t be so critical or judgemental. 

Do – approaching others with curiosity , kindness, and compassion opens doors for a smoother dating process. Dismissing people prematurely are ways to overlook a potential great love mate.

3. Don’t – come on too strong. Watch very carefully your behaviors that could be misinterpreted as needy, desperate, unstable, or undesirable.

Do – Remember to respect the natural progression of intimacy . Telling someone how you really, really like them adds unnecessary pressure instead gradually work your way to reveling your inner thoughts , feelings and personal story. Start off light and casual then progress to more deeper and intimate self disclosure.

4. Don’t – forget the traditional rules of dating.

Do – always remember to be a gentleman /lady . We live in modern times now where women can pay for themselves open their own doors but it’s still nice when a man can foot the bill after a dinner date.

5. Don’t – don’t become so influenced by family and friends such as ” is he/she the same race?” “Does he/she practice the same religion?” “Does he/she have the desired financial /educational status ”

Do – find the balance with considering others opinions, but keep in mind your own intuition of who your compatible match is for you. When you start to acknowledge your wants and needs you’ll likely land a long and lasting relationship.  GET RID OF THE LONG LIST WRITTEN BY EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOU!

6. Don’t – Never get lost talking about yourself and your past relationships , your mistakes or who you were years ago or in your last relationship. People want to know who you are today.

Do – Always talk about yourself as you are today and the values and goals you have in the future.

7. Don’t – Never make yourself the highlight of the conversation.

Do – Always make the conversation reciprocal be very inquisitive and show interest in getting to know the other person.

8. Don’t – Never alter who you are to fit your love interest wants and needs. Altering yourself does not portray our values . This is how you attract people you never meant to attract. And the relationship ends before it begins.

Do – present your authenticity its much easier than trying to pretend.

9. Don’t – complain about your luck with dating or the dating scene in your city.

Do – Remember the dating scene isn’t easy for anyone no matter where you live. Your attitude about dating if positive will create opportunities for you.

10. Don’t  stop pursuing new hobbies and life experiences because you found a partner. Be cautious of limiting things you do for you whether it may be running, sports, spending time with friends etc. Finding a connection with someone can be so exciting that it’s easy to lose sight of life before meeting that person.

Do – practice balancing time for yourself and as a couple from the beginning of the relationship. Evaluate each situation as it occurs and decide when the needs of the couple are priority and vice versa and decide when your individual needs are a priority.

Mr. Wisdom365

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. Mr Wisdom365

How to get a man to commit

What does it take to get a man to commit to you truly? It’s a question that has been asked for years. What a man desires most is a woman who inspires their best self , but being that woman requires a different mindset and mentality from other women.

The major setback that tends to trip women up is their focus. Women often focus on their own wants , worries,  or fears instead of focusing on the feelings and experience they should create for the man. Once a woman becomes self absorbed in the mindset of what she wants she’s unable to catch a man’s interest in a significant way. One that goes further then dating.

When a woman can realize that in order to reach a man’s full potential to become truly committed to her and reach his mind on a deep and meaningful level then he will want to possess her on a serious level.

Men do not start at this level when they first meet a woman . The way she meets him at this state is by recognizing his fears, ambitions, motivation, and his self purpose in life and where he ultimately wants to be.

There are four ways to reach a man deeply and make him commit to you.


For this first one I’ll use myself as an example. Early on in life as I began to become part of the dating scene all I wanted was the pretty girl with the nice body. Really not knowing what I wanted or even understanding values with a relationship.

Now in my early thirties I realized and understand the value of having a woman who gets me. Someone I can laugh with talk to for hours, have intellectual conversations with,  share my hearts desires with. Once I was able to realize this I began to revisit my past relationships and notice a pattern. The women I really liked and wanted it to work with I realize that it was never going to be the woman for me even if she wanted it to work because we did not connect on a level to where she could tap into my mind in search of my meaningful level. After all the emotions and attachments were gone years on down the road we never would meet the level of intimacy that is needed for a serious commitment for me.


OK so let’s not beat around the bush on this one. The guy you are into has to be sexually attracted to you. If he doesn’t feel a sexual chemistry with you then nothing else will matter.

Too many women kill there attractiveness with low self esteem and insecurities,  because they feel as if something about there appearance is flawed and they’ll never be good enough to attract the man they want.

Learning to love yourself first and everything about you is the cure to end self doubt . Nobody is perfect and no man expects perfection when it comes to a woman, but when your able to own you imperfection you’re more attractive than those who do not or cannot.

The one thing that makes you irreplaceable in the eyes of your man ?
Is you’re ability to reach him deeply.
Reach deep into the depths of who he is and inspire him. Offering something more than just sex something valuable if you want to be important and something more in his life.

Sex is always available men have a very deep and unconscious fear that their life and contribution to the world is pointless, meaningless, and insignificant , but at the same time every man has hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

4. Right places for energy

It’s very simple putting energy in the right places in a relationship builds a healthy foundation. Bringing out the value of a relationship is very important and you can’t expect to get results with worries, insecurities or fears if you’re still fixated with these things. Men understand if you have been hurt by men and you still have these fixation and they may have formed some insecurities but in the end they do nobody a favor they repel men,  waste your energy and make everyone miserable. The only way to get out of that cycle is to move towards building a firm foundation that leads to a good relationship to help find own self love.

Mr.  Wisdom365

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. Mr Wisdom365